Thermal situation

In the door region with warm air curtain systems

With warm air curtain systems, in the door region, a quantity of heated air is discharged at a certain angle against the cold air trying to penetrate from the outside. There are two different types of shielding from cold air:

Standard Air Roll (SLW)

Standard air roll (SLW)

For the standard air roll (SLW), the air intake is within the room and the air discharge is close to the door. The air roll shields the door opening and mixes with any cold air entering the door region. The air roll rotates towards the inside of the room and then back towards the intake grille.

Reversed air roll (ULW)

Reversed air roll (ULW)

For the reversed air roll (ULW), the mixed air intake occurs in the door region. The air discharge is into the room. The air roll protects the door region near the floor from cold air entering. The air roll rotates away from the room. A slight overpressure in the door region results from the external air component of the air mixture drawn in to the unit.