Air curtains

Basic function

The basic function of a door air curtain consists of separating thermally different regions at entrances. Here a difference is made between warm and cold/recirculating air curtains.

Warm air curtains

have an integrated heat exchanger. Our heat exchangers are manufactured for all kinds of heating media: e.g. low-pressure hot water - LPHW 70/50°C for normal temperatures and 60/40°C for low temperatures (other temperatures available on request), DX heat exchanger for use with heat pumps, electric heat exchanger for operation with 400V electrical power. Heat exchangers for steam are available on request. To save energy, warm door air curtains are installed inside a room, above or next to the door. The air stream prevents exchange of air and temperature and, despite the door being open, creates a zone of comfort in the entry area. Therefore, the staff do not become ill from standing in unpleasant cold draughts.

Cold and recirculating air curtains

are only used for shielding and are primarily applied in industry. For example, they are used in storerooms where no staff are present and cold stores/cold rooms. Air curtains in front of cold rooms prevent cold air escaping and the ingress of warm air. With this function they are able to make huge energy savings.

All our air curtain systems have a multi-stage speed controller to adjust the airflow quantity to be discharged depending on diverse variables – e.g. external and internal temperature or wind pressure.