Zephyr Cool EC

Recirculating air curtain
for shielding cool and unheated rooms


  • Applications

    Zephyr Cool EC is suitable for the climatic separation of a cooled and an uncooled room.
    Zephyr Cool EC is used wherever it is not desirable for warm air to enter sales or storage rooms. For example: in cool rooms, flower shops, butchers' shops and hospitals. Not suitable for wet rooms or rooms with large temperature differences. Installation-ready unit for different installation variants.

  • Special design

    Connection-ready door air curtain unit for operation with recirculating air, without a heat exchanger. Zephyr Cool is an economical and effective solution for separating cold air and warm air. This results in considerable energy savings. The room temperature and humidity are also maintained at a relatively constant level, even if the door is open.

  • The housing

    Self-supporting, powder-coated sheet steel housing. Screws are not visible. Available in RAL 9016 as standard (traffic white). Other colours are available. Inspection panel accessible from below, hidden behind the intake grille.
    Intake grille in the same colours as the unit, consisting of a perforated plate with micro grille behind it (used as an intake filter) for easy maintenance. Discharge grille with steplessly adjustable discharge fin (natural anodised finish) for optimum airflow.

  • Maintenance

    The micro grille is easy to clean without opening the unit – simply vacuum clean the intake grille.
    Discreet secured access panel hidden on the lower side of the unit (hinges on one side) – easy to open.

  • EC fans

    The efficiency of the EC fans used by TEKADOOR is > 90% under partial load operation. This is 30–35% higher than for conventional AC fans. This does not just increase the efficiency, but also reduces the operating costs. The individually-driven EC fans with integrated motor protection can intake air in both directions. They have vibration-free bearings and are controlled using a PWM signal (pulse width modulation).
    They do not just comply with Directive ErP, but actually exceed this standard.

  • Mounting

    Simple mounting thanks to the rivet nuts (M8) incorporated on the upper side of the unit and optionally-available assembly materials. In the standard version, the unit does not need to be opened for electrical connection. Connection terminals for the voltage supply, as well as the connectors for the control unit and parallel operation can be accessed from the outside.

  • Control unit

    Electronic TEKADOOR GTC EC control unit, multifunctional with touch display, including an optional ModBus interface
    As standard, the 5-stage GTC 1 EC control unit includes a manual to automatic mode switch and a potential-free contact for enabling via any on-site BMS or BEMS. A choice of 5-stage or stepless fan operation is offered as standard. A maximum of 10 units can be connected in parallel. 20 m of preassembled, shielded data cable is also included as standard.

Advantages at a glance

  • Made in Germany
  • ErP conform
  • Certified by TÜV-Süd
  • Robust, self-supporting sheet steel housing
  • Individual colours – standard RAL colours available
  • Unit lengths up to 2500 mm
  • Service-friendly thanks to intake grille with micro grille
  • Simple to install
  • Aerodynamically-optimised discharge fin
Zephyr Cool EC

Zephyr Cool EC


Connection box

Connection box

Simple electrical connection via connection box (voltage supply 230 V/50 Hz on the top of the unit); there is also the option to locate the connection at the side.

Data cable connection / interface

Data cable connection/interface

Simple, standard plug and play connection of the data cable on the top of the unit.
The connection can be offset on request.

Input for the data cable to the control unit.

Output for parallel operation with other units.

Discharge fin

Discharge fin

The shielding performance of the door air curtain unit is optimised by adjusting the discharge fin.
The fin can be adjusted in 5 stages

Zephyr Cool EC

Optional accessoires

Ceiling attachment set

Ceiling attachment set

For trouble-free, vibration-free ceiling attachment: consisting of M8 threaded rods up to 1000 mm in length, vibration dampers, turn-buckles and counter nuts.

Door contact solenoid switch

Door contact solenoid switch

In automatic mode switches on the door air curtain in the preselected stages – in conjunction with GTC EC.
Caution: The door contact must be located so that the contact is activated as soon as the door begins to open. Not suitable for high-speed doors!

Zephyr Cool EC

Installation variants

Zephyr Cool



Connection-ready free-hanging door air curtain unit for visible installation directly above the door.
Ambient air intake is at the front, on the room side.

Installation information

Wrong installation


The air speed is too low.
The airflow does not reach the floor.
Cold air can escape below the airflow.
The air speed must be increased.

Wrong installation


The air speed is too high.
The airflow splits when it hits the floor.
Warm air enters the cooled or unheated room.
The air speed must be reduced.

Correct installation


DThe air speed and the discharge angle are ideal. The airflow is located in front of the door opening.
The cold air cannot escape. Warm air cannot penetrate the cold or unheated room.

* warm = recirculated air from the anteroon