Products and innovative solutions
Cold/recirculating air curtains

Aerodynamic recirculating air curtain without heat exchanger for shielding cold rooms

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Floor-mounted installations

Air curtain system as a standing design at doors, to prevent the exchange of cold and warm air.

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Air curtain for revolving
and curved sliding doors

As a top-mounted, integrated or front-mounted solution for revolving and curved doors to separate cold or warm external air from the climate-controlled interior.

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The new touchscreen control from TEKADOOR with intuitive operation

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Last year most of the leading European manufacturers of air curtains have built a working group within Eurovent. All participants felt confident, that a guide line is missing to make air curtains comparable and so show also possibilities of energy saving.

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Air curtain systems from Tekadoor

Warm, cold or recirculating air curtains, for public and commercial applications

Tekadoor, based in Langenfeld in the Rhineland, Germany, is an expert in door air curtains. Founded in 1981, the company produces modern air curtains with EC technology for all types of doors and gates used in European retail, commercial and industrial sectors. This also includes individual solutions for a controlled and balanced hot/cold air ratio in open or semi-open spaces.

Door air curtain technology

Air curtain technology and how it works

Tekadoor offers a wide range of air curtain products in order to fulfil all structural requirements. The TÜV Süd-certified door air systems are suitable for use in buildings where the entrance area needs to be kept open all year round. Depending on the type of equipment and the performance class, door air curtains can separate different thermal air currents from each other. This technology enables shielding from cold outside air during the autumn and winter months, and from warm outside air during the summer months – whilst maintaining a pleasant air and room temperature at the same time.

In industrial or commercial buildings, door air curtains are primarily for avoiding draughts and to create the required ambient temperature

1. to protect temperature-sensitive goods, and

2. to create a comfortable climate for personnel working in the hall where the loading and unloading zone is situated.

Depending on the entrance situation, air curtain systems can be installed either as suspended or standard standing units, or as a customized special solution. This enables the equipment to be integrated into doors or gates for more complex construction projects.

Door air curtains “Made in Germany”

Certified, high-quality product

We manufacture our door air curtains “just in time” using the latest CNC sheet metal processing machines, but also by hand, with great attention to detail. Furthermore, our products are TÜV Süd-certified and fulfil stringent industry standards in order to comply with our own demand for quality. Energy-efficient EC fans are used in nearly all our model series.

Application areas

  1. Shops (retail sector)
    1. Shops (retail sector) Door air curtain as a solution for the entrance/exit area in shops.

  2. Shopping centres
    Integrated Rondell door air curtain as a warm air “airlock” for revolving and curved sliding doors in shopping centres.

  3. Public buildings
    Shielding of air-conditioned interiors for multi-storey buildings, exhibition halls, airports or train stations.

  4. Office and administrative buildings
    Separation of cold / warm air in entrance areas of concourses, corridors etc.

  5. Hotels and restaurants
    Recirculated air or cold air curtain in front of cold stores for maintaining the refrigeration chain during stocking or removal.

  6. Factory buildings
    Optimum utilisation of parking and working areas near the gate in factories. Door air curtains for industrial doors in loading and unloading zones, warm air remains in the factory building.

Effectiveness and advantages

Here is an overview of the general and technical advantages of air curtain systems

  • Easy installation, user-friendly operation and programming
  • Sales psychology: pleasant shopping experience, thanks to a comfortable room temperature, ideal ambient temperature when entering the building
  • Balanced temperatures in large halls, factories or unloading zones at industrial doors
  • Reduced energy costs: indoor temperatures remain constant because the heated air stays in the hall or building. Energy efficiency based on EC technology

  • Consulting service

    Tekadoor offers a consulting service for planners and architects or installers. We are happy to help you select the right equipment from our diverse range of products. Get in touch with us, or download the relevant information about our equipment types here.

    We we would be happy to consult you and to provide you with a non-binding offer

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